This grid is a test bed for new ideas, and to demonstrate our OpenSim grid framework that we are developing.
We are also a temporary home to new grids to help them get up and running. All are welcome. Just be nice. :)

Have fun exploring! :)

Signups are limited at the moment for test clients.
Please feel free to come and explore via hypergrid!


For current clients and residents: Resident control panel

  • Easy to use control panel for residents and region owners, offering easy access to your offline messages, partnersips, backups, region consoles.
  • Auto backups of your regions! Never lose your stuff again!
  • Super fast region and avatar loading!
  • Language translation integrated directly into chat! No more flaky HUDs! Sorry, does not help with typos. We're not magicians. ;)
  • Place search shows avatar population, so you always know where the party's at!
  • Auto generated Destination guide created from parcel and events listings.