Cool! – Portland Now Generates Electricity From Turbines Installed In City Water Pipes
Cool! – Portland Now Generates Electricity From Turbines Installed In City Water Pipes avatar

Once fully operational, the installation is expected to generate $2,000,000 worth of renewable energy capacity over twenty years, based on “an average of 1,100 megawatt hours of energy per year, enough electricity to power up to 150 homes.

Bray’s Place – Second Life
Bray’s Place – Second Life avatar

My favorite place in SL. Bray’s is a wonderful Blues Club, and residential island. Bray operates it in a very community minded, and community supported way. It is a wonderful place to hang out, dance, listen to great DJ’s and find a cute little home, if you are in the market. Lots of beautiful places to explore, and really friendly, laidback people. It’s a rare little enclave in SL that is not commercial and irritating. 🙂

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This is my personal blog, but hope to also offer a lot of good information of wide interest. This website will contain some mature content, and also LGBT topics, relevant to my life. If you are a minor, or worse, an easily offended adult… kindly hit the back button. Thanks. 🙂

Some of the categories, that are more personal, such as “Changes” are not on the front page. You can find them in the “Categories” widget on the lower, right.

Nani’s Bakes on Mesh Solution
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Second Life announced last year a new “Bakes on Mesh” feature. This allows you to transfer your old skin and clothing to a newer mesh avatar. It sounds great, but as of this writing, it still is not really implemented, and kind of crappy. So my genius friend and spiritual guru, Lanani, came up with this brilliant, elegant system!

These features will not work with the official OpenSim releases.
LaNani’s version of OpenSim can be found here..
At this time. all of HGluv Grid uses this code, as well as much of OSgrid (unofficially), and several smaller grids. So odds are if you can’t run it yourself, you can find a place that has it. 🙂

Chat commands

/#save baked skin
/#save baked textures
/#note ..enter text for a quickie notecard here

These commands will give the user a collection of all of their baked textures, in inventory.. upper, lower, head.. etc..

ossl functions…

osGetBakedTexture(LSL_Key user, int bake);
osGetBakedTexture(LSL_Key user, int bake, LSL_String texturename);
osGetBakedTexture(LSL_Key user, int bake, bool saveininventory);
osGetBakedTexture(LSL_Key user, int bake, bool saveininventory, LSL_String texturename);


key av = llDetectedKey(0); // whoever clicked...
key tex = osGetBakedTexture(av,0,"MyBaked-head");

This will return the texture UUID for the avatar's HEAD texture..
which would include any alphas, tattoos, skin, etc.. and give the
avatar a copy of the texture in inventory, named "MyBaked-head"

tex = osGetBakedTexture(av,1,"MyBaked-upper");

This would return the UUID for the upper-body baked texture,
and also give the user a copy in inventory.

These script functions can be used in a mesh avatar’s skin applier HUD, to copy the standard system appearance, clothes, skin to the mesh avatar.

Example video of our bakes-on-mesh in action!