load oar
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/#load oar [password] [filename or url] [arguments]

This is only available to the region owner or estate managers. You must enter your grid password, to authenticate your user.

[url] Can be any http: url, it currently will not handle https.

[arguments] can be any of the standard load oar arguments, such as –displacement –force-terrain, etc.

osGetBakedTexture avatar

LSL_Key osGetBakedTexture(LSL_Key user, int bake);
      LSL_Key osGetBakedTexture(LSL_Key user, int bake, LSL_String texturename);
      LSL_Key osGetBakedTexture(LSL_Key user, int bake, bool saveininventory);
      LSL_Key osGetBakedTexture(LSL_Key user, int bake, bool saveininventory, LSL_String texturename);

        // bake 0 = head
        // bake 1 = upper body
        // bake 2 = lower body
        // bake 3 = eyes
        // bake 4 = skirt
        // bake 5 = hair