Hyacinth’s Bio and Contact

I created this blog for a variety of reasons. I have really only been posting on Facebook, and there is so much noise and stupidity there.. everything just gets lost or ignored. Or I get everyone and their nazi uncle Bubba’s opinion on everything. Feel free to ignore or stew all you want. I pay the bills on this unit, and it’s Hy’s way or the highway pretty much.

There are quite a few things I would like to journal here.

  • My way too prolonged gender transition
  • My professional and creative work.
  • My amazing and earth shattering opinions and observations on everything
  • Code snippets and help for OpenSim peeps.

So anyway. My policy here is if you don’t like what I have to say. This is my space. Get your own blog! If I like you, I might just set one up for you if you sweet talk me, call me ma’am, and tell me I’m the prettiest girl you ever seen. 😉

If you would like me to setup an account for you, so you can comment or contribute. Please tell me who you are, and where I may know you from. Such as Facebook name, Hypergrid address, etc.. I will not respond to solicitations.