load oar
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/#load oar [password] [filename or url] [arguments]

This is only available to the region owner or estate managers. You must enter your grid password, to authenticate your user.

[url] Can be any http: url, it currently will not handle https.

[arguments] can be any of the standard load oar arguments, such as –displacement –force-terrain, etc.

osGetBakedTexture avatar

LSL_Key osGetBakedTexture(LSL_Key user, int bake);
      LSL_Key osGetBakedTexture(LSL_Key user, int bake, LSL_String texturename);
      LSL_Key osGetBakedTexture(LSL_Key user, int bake, bool saveininventory);
      LSL_Key osGetBakedTexture(LSL_Key user, int bake, bool saveininventory, LSL_String texturename);

        // bake 0 = head
        // bake 1 = upper body
        // bake 2 = lower body
        // bake 3 = eyes
        // bake 4 = skirt
        // bake 5 = hair

New Feature in the Works – Upload / Download OAR
New Feature in the Works – Upload / Download OAR avatar

For a lot of people who host OpenSim on a remote or cloud server, or run a grid with multiple region owners. It can be a pain to get OAR files (region archives) uploaded or downloaded from the server. Usually you need an external file manager or FTP server, and a lot of times you really don’t want to casually provide access to that.

I have come up with a scheme to use the Region Terrain upload/download tool, built into Firestorm and other viewers. If you upload an OAR file via the terrain upload tool, it will detect if it is an OAR file and load it onto the region.

To create and download an OAR backup of your region. We have added a chat command /#save oar That will save a temporary OAR file of your region. Then.. you can go to the Terrain Download tool, and it will allow you to download the OAR file you just saved!

The uploads and downloads, using this method are slow. But they are working, and should provide an easy way for your clients to be able to access their regions, if you wish.

There is also a /#load oar chat command that works exactly like the console command. You can quickly load an oar from an external http url, such as outworldz.com or Zadaroo.. a GoogleDrive, or dropbox.. etc.

This is tested/working on our sandbox region, and should be available soon, with everyone’s favorite, alternative OpenSim distro. STAY TUNED! More cool stuff on the way! 🙂