My cute little place in Secondlife
My cute little place in Secondlife avatar

I’ve been getting over my aversion to Secondlife. I am really against the intensely commercial aspect there. All of my creations I try to share freely, or super cheap. This year, I am all about keeping my expenses under control. I think I have struck a good balance with this place. I paid $72 for the yearly premium membership. And I actually get more than that in free inworld-money (Lindens) So they are paying me to be there. The land usage fees are $13/mo which I have also paid ahead one year in credit. So I think I am doing SL the right way…

Here are some pictures of my home. I really love it! And I really lucked out with the view and location. It is along one of the public highways, near a cute little village, and I have a GORGEOUS view of the ocean! Really a million dollar spot. 🙂